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Under Siege

by George R. R. Martin
an unabridged reading by Pat Bottino

playing time: 92 minutes / ISBN: 1-884612-24-5 / 2 CDs: $14.99 or 1 cassette $11.99

The killer geeks, we called ourselves. Six little killer geeks riding the stream, biting the heads off vast chickens of probability.



by David “Lodengarl McCaman" – Brotherhood without Banners

Does your big GRRM collection include audiocassettes as well? What about short stories? What about short story cassettes? A very cool collectible, this single cassette tape is a reading of one of GRRM’s more interesting history-meets-science-fiction stories. Read by Pat Bottino in 92 minutes, the story unfolds around one of six “geeks” sent back to a critical point in history, to not let Sveaborg surrender to the Russians, in order to win the war or “maybe just save ourselves from the plagues and bombs and the poisoned winds.” This story was first published in Omni magazine in October 1985, and appears in two collections: Portraits of His Children (1987) and The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Third Annual Collection (1986).

Good for a couple of listens in the car (or wherever you have access to play cassettes), this fast-paced, intrigue-filled time travel story delivers and the reading is energetic and exciting as well.

Add this to your “obscure GRRM” collectible section. This short story was also made available on two CDs in 2005.