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by Connie Willis
an unabridged reading by Amy Bruce

playing time: 50 minutes / ISBN: 1-884612-15-6 / price: $10.99 / cassette only

A skeptical reporter reluctantly searches for the Seven Cities of Gold with a woman claiming to be the great granddaughter of Coronado.

"...the story of a woman with a vision to quite ably by Amy Bruce." - Science Fiction Chronicle



Carla Johnson from the Denver Record was used to covering nuttos such as a time machine inventor who sent people to the future with his washing machine and a psychic dentist who extracted teeth in another plane of reality. Her new assignment was to cover Rosa Turcorillio, the great-granddaughter of Coronado. Rosa claimed to know where the Seven Cities Of Gold were. Coronado trekked through the Southwest looking for the Seven Cities of Cibola in the 1540s, which poked a big hole in Rosa's story, since any great-granddaughter of his would have to be at least three hundred years old. But before long, Carla sets out to find the Seven Cities of Gold for herself.

Amy Bruce has a great voice. Her range isn't tested by this particular tale, but that doesn�t stop her from having some fun with it. Her voicing of the Rosa Turcorillo character deserves special praise. Infinivox has looped in a drum beat in-between several scenes of the story - and this helps keep the pace up and show progression - something this story really needed. This drum addition could have come off sounding cheesy but it works well and helps the story's repetition not seem so... repetitive. Also nice is the original cover art and the introductory Infinivox music.